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electric and hybrid vehicles

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The first book on electric and hybrid vehicles (endorsed by the IMI) starts with an introduction to the market, covering the different types of electric vehicle, costs and emissions, and the charging infrastructure, before moving on to explain how electric and hybrid vehicles work. 

A chapter on electrical technology introduces learners to subjects such as batteries, control systems and charging, which are then covered in more detail within their own chapters. The book also covers the maintenance and repair procedures of these vehicles, including fault-finding, servicing, repair and first-responder information. Case studies are used throughout to illustrate different technologies. 

Tom Dentonis the leading UK automotive author with a teaching career spanning lecturer to head of automotive engineering in a large college. His range of automotive textbooks published since 1995 are bestsellers and led to his authoring of the Automotive Technician Training multimedia system that is in common use in the UK, USA and several other countries. Tom now works as the eLearning Development Manager for the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI).

In this book you will find lots of useful and interesting information about electric and hybrid vehicles (EVs). This book is the fourth in the ‘Automotive Technology: Vehicle Maintenance and Repair’ series, which includes: 

* Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems 

* Automobile Electrical and Electronic Systems 

* Advanced Automobile Fault Diagnosis

deally, you will have studied some automotive technology, or have some experience, before starting on this book. If not, don’t worry, it does start with the basics. The book looks at electrical and electronic principles as well as EV and hybrid technologies using comprehensive case studies and examples.

 It will cover everything you need to advance your studies to a higher level, no matter what qualification (if any) you are working towards.