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Basic Civil Engineering By Satheesh Gopi

 Download Basic Civil Engineering By Satheesh Gopi Easily In PDF Format For Free.

Download Basic Civil Engineering By Satheesh Gopi Easily In PDF Format For Free.

The Aim Of Compiling This Book Has Been To Give A Working Knowledge Of The Important Details Of Civil Construction, Materials Used In Civil Engineering, Including The Source Of Raw Materials, Their Characteristics, The Process Of Manufacture, Their Defects, Structure And Uses In The Industry, And The Basics Of Surveying And Levelling And Several Other Major Topies In Civil Engineering To All Engineering Students In A Systematic Way. 

The Book Is Written In A Clear And Easy-To-Read Style, Presenting Fundamentals Of Surveying At A Level That Can Be Quickly Grasped By A Beginner. 

The Basic Surveying Topics Deal With Modern Instruments Such As Total Station, GPS And Digital Levels, Reflecting Modern Field Procedures. A Book On A Technical Subject Is Hardly Complete Without Illustrations, And One Of The Special Aims Of This Book Is To Present A Number Of Diagrams, Which Are Presented Mainly With A View To Emphasize The Important Features Of The Manufacture, So As Not To Burden The Students With Unimportant Details.

The First Part Of The Book Consists Of 11 Chapters And Gives A Description Of All The Materials Used For Different Constructions In The Field Of Civil Engineering And The Processes Involved In The Manufacture Of The Same. The Second Part Of The Book Discusses Briefly About Building Construction And Maintenance Of Buildings And Explains The Different Stages Of Construction. It Contains 14 Chapters. 

The Third Part Of The Book Contains Two Chapters And Gives A Clear View Of Basic Surveying Concepts. 

The Fourth Part Of The Book Has Five Chapters And Provides A Clear Idea About The Major Topics In Civil Engineering, Viz., Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering Irrigation And Waer Resources Engineering And Environmental Engineering. The Fourth Part Also Includes A Chapter On Computer-Aided Design (CAD). The Author Wishes To Thank Dr Sathikumar And Shri N. Madhu, Professors, College Of Engineering Trivandrum, For Their Help During The Writing Of This Book.