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Construction Project Management By Peter Fewings

 Download Construction Project Management By Peter Fewings Easily In PDF Format For Free.

Download Construction Project Management By Peter Fewings Easily In PDF Format For Free.

Professional Management Of Construction Projects Is Crucial To Improved Performance And The Reputation Of The Industry. There Are Many Books Written On Project Management And They Are Written From Different Perspectives.This Book Is Specific To The Art And Science Of The Management Process As It Applies To Construction Projects. The Author Recognises A Holistic Integrated Approach Where The Techniques Have Taken Second Place To The Skills Of Bringing Together People From Different Cultures As A Conductor Brings Together An Orchestra. However, Our Construction Project Teams Need To Combine Their Many Skills In Producing Quite Complex Products, From Sonatas To Symphonies, With Very Little Opportunity For Rehearsal.

 They Are Often Required To Assemble New Teams In New Places With New Materials Or New Combinations Of Materials Which Need To Work Well Over Many Years And, Like Music, They Are On Public Display. The Project Manager Is Required To Make Great Music By Forward Planning And Co-Ordinating The Many Different

Activities Seamlessly To Strict Cost, Time And Quality Targets Which Reflect Fully The Clients Business Requirements.

A Successful Project Should Be Profitable For All Parties And Makes Everyone Happy. Construction Project Management: An Integrated Approach Examines The Key Issues Such As Business Need, Clear Project Definition, Strategy, The Relationship Of Risk And Value, Quality Improvement And Organisational Culture, Providing The Theory Behind Some Of The Best Practice Mantras And Challenges A Thoughtful Consideration Of Where We Should Be.

The Case Study Material Provides Backing For Some Of The Developments That Are Taking Place And The Wide Ranging Nature Of The Book Is Helpful In Seeing The Whole Picture. Recently We Have Seen Parts Of The Construction Industry Stir Itself To A Higher Level Of Awareness Of The Perennial Problems Which Have Dogged It And The Causes Of Them. What Is Needed Now Is For More Customer Focused, Highly Trained Project Teams To Grab The Initiative. We Need To Measure Our Performance Throughout The Whole Supply Chain In Order That We Can Establish The Value Of The Innovations That Occur And Only In That Way Will We Be Able To Blow Our Trumpets. This Book Provides Some Of The Insight That We Need.