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Design of Welded Steel Structures: Principles and Practice

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 The book deals with both the principles and practice of welding technology, which is required for satisfactory design of welded steel structures and thus should be of deep interest and value not only to the practicing engineers in the design office or in the workshop but also to teachers and students in academia.

 The presentation of text in this book is somewhat different from that in normal engineering books. This book should be regarded as a complementary work to more analytical studies, which present worked-out examples. Consequently, topics not usually covered in existing textbooks but are nevertheless important for the understanding of the subject have found a place in this work.

Content :

 Electric Arc Welding Process 

Welded Joints

 Defects in Welded Joints 

Control of Welding Distortion 

Brittle Fracture 

Quality Control and Inspection 

Design Considerations for Welded Joints

 Design of Welded Joints

 Fatigue in Welded Joints

 Beams and Columns

 Plate Girders

 Portal Frames 

Trusses and Lattice Girders Using Rolled Sections

 Trusses and Lattice Girders Using Hollow Sections 

Orthotropic Floor System 

Economy in Welded Steelwork