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Elastic Beam Calculations Handbook By Jih Jiang Chyu

 Download Elastic Beam Calculations Handbook By Jih Jiang Chyu Easily In PDF Format For Free.

Download Elastic Beam Calculations Handbook By Jih Jiang Chyu Easily In PDF Format For Free.

As A Comprehensive Analytic Treatment On Elastic Beam Problems, With Balanced Emphasis On Both The Theoretical And The Practical, This Book Is A Vastly Expanded Version Of The Author’s Goldenbrook’s Little Red Book (2004) Both In Spirit And In Style And With The Same Approach I Call Open-Mindedness. The Previous Book Was Written Primarily For Students. The Prevailing Trend In Education Advocates Critical Thinking And Promotes Continuing Education, As Exemplified By The Requirements For Professional Engineer Licensing. Therefore, This Book Is Intended For Students And Their Teachers, As Well As All Structural Engineers And Applied Mathematics Professionals.

The Present Work Entitled Elastic Beam Calculations Handbook Is A Resource Book With Insights To Answer In Sufficient Detail The Pivotal Questions “When,” “What,” “How,” And “Why.” Furthermore, Because Of The Content, As Well As The Manner Of Treatment, Which Uses A Rigorous Deductive Approach (From General To Special Cases), This Book Can Effectively Supplement Textbooks On Mechanics Of Solids For Engineering And Can Enrich Applied Mathematics Curricula Through Applications In Engineering. In Either Case, It Is Designed To Help The Reader Achieve His Or Her Optimal Educational Goals.

In View Of The Current Educational Curriculum And Professional Training, This Kind Of Book Is Needed Now More Than Ever, Especially In The Context Of Computer Applications. In Fact, Because Computers Are Popular And Indispensable Nowadays (And Will Continue To Be, Of Course), An Engineering Book That Takes A Rigorous And Yet User-Friendly Analytic Approach To The Endeavor Of Revealing The Hidden Physical Significance Of Solutions To Elastic Beam Problems Is Invaluable. This Is Because This Approach Provides Guidelines For The Effective Planning And Execution Of Numerical Work Involved In A Complicated Project. Moreover, It Can Expedite The Successful Completion Of The Otherwise Formidable Task Of Embarking On Such A Giant Project.

Numerous Important And Interesting Topics Are Included Herein, Each One Treated In Detail, With Cross-References To Related Topics Pointed Out Clearly In Order To Delineate Interconnectedness Among Various Topics. The Author Hopes That The Reader Finds This Handbook Inspiring, Interesting, And Useful. Last, But Not Least, Any Comments On Any Part Of This Book Are Welcome; These Comments Will Be Acknowledged, Reviewed, And Incorporated In The Second Printing As Appropriate.