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Introduction To Tunnel Construction By David Chapman And Nicole Metje And Alfred Stark

 Download Introduction To Tunnel Construction By David Chapman And Nicole Metje And Alfred Stark Easily In PDF Format For Free.

Download Introduction To Tunnel Construction By David Chapman And Nicole Metje And Alfred Stark Easily In PDF Format For Free.

This Book Seeks To Provide An Introduction To Tunnel Construction For People Who Have Little Experience Of The Subject. 

Tunnelling Is An Exciting Subject And Is Unlike Any Other Form Of Construction, As The Ground Surrounding The Tunnel Is An Integral Part Of The Final Structure And Plays A Pivotal Role In Its Stability. The ‘Art’ Of Tunnelling Cannot Be Learnt Purely From Books And A Lot Of Essential Decisions Are Based On Engineering Judgement, Experience And Even Emotion. There Is Often No Single Answer To Any Question: Often The Response Has To Be ‘It Depends’. So How Can This Book Help The Reader To Understand Tunnelling?

The Aim Of The Book Is To Provide The Reader With Background Information So That He Or She Can Either Make An Informed Decision And/Or Consult More Specialist References On A Specific Topic. It Will Hopefully Give The Reader The Tools Needed To Critically Assess Tunnel Construction Techniques And To Realize That Not All Can Be Learnt From Textbooks. In Addition, The Book Hopes To Demonstrate The Breadth Of The Subject And That To Become A Tunnelling Expert, Many Years Of Experience Are Required.

At The Same Time, The Book Hopes To Show The Reader The Excitement Associated With Tunnelling And The Fact That Many Unknowns Exist Which Require Engineering Judgement. While Every Effort Has Been Made To Check The Integrity And Quality Of The Contents, No Liability Is Accepted By Either The Publisher Or The Authors For Any Damages Incurred As The Result Of The Application Of Information Contained In This Book. Where Values For Parameters Have Been Stated, These Should Be Treated As Indicative Only. Readers Should Independently Verify The Properties Of Materials They Are Dealing With As They May Differ Substantially From Those Referred To In This Book.

This Publication Presents Material Of A Broad Scope And Applicability. Despite Stringent Efforts By All Concerned In The Publishing Process, Some Typographical Or Editorial Errors May Occur. Readers Are Encouraged To Bring These To Our Attention Where They Represent Errors Of Substance. The Publisher And Authors Disclaim Any Liability, In Whole Or In Part, Arising From Information Contained In This Publication. Readers Are Urged To Consult With An Appropriate Licensed Professional Prior To Taking Any Action Or Making Any Interpretation That Is Within The Realm Of A Licensed Professional Practice.

The Authors Would Like To Express Their Deep Gratitude To Their Colleagues At The Institute Of Tunnelling And Underground Construction (IUB), Espe Cially Professor Reinhard Rokahr Without Whose Support And Encour Agement This Book Would Not Have Materialised. Special Thanks Also Go To Dr Donald Lamont Who Contributed To The Health And Safety Section Of This Book, Dr Alexander Royal For His Contribution To The Sections On Pipe Jacking And Horizontal Directional Drilling, Graham Chapman For Reading Through Some Of The Manuscript And Qiang Liu For Producing Some Of The Figures.

The Authors Would Also Like To Thank All Those People Who Reviewed The Book Critically Before It Went To Print And Thus Making The Book Better For It, Especially Dr Douglas Allenby (BAM Nuttall Ltd), Martin Caudell (Soil Mechanics), Dr Michael Cooper, Colin Eddie (Underground Professional Services Ltd), Robert Essler (RD Geotech Ltd), Dr Dexter Hunt (University Of Birmingham), Christian Neumann (ALPINE BeMo Tunnelling GmbH Innsbruck), Dr Barry New (Geo – Technical Consulting Group), Casper Paludan-Müller (Cowi A/S), Roy Slocombe (Herrenknecht UK), Dr Alun Thomas (Mott MacDonald) And Dr-Ing. Rudolf Zachow (IUB, Hanover University).