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Basic Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering

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Earthquake resistant geotechnical construction has become an important design aspect recently. This book BASIC GEOTECHNICAL EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING is intended to be used as textbook for the beginners of the geotechnical earthquake engineering curriculum.

 Civil engineering undergraduate students as well as first year postgraduate students, who have taken basic undergraduate course on soil mechanics and foundation engineering, will find subject matter of the textbook familiar and interesting. Emphasis has been given to the basics of geotechnical earthquake engineering as well as to the basics of earthquake resistant geotechnical construction in the text book.

 At the end of each chapter home work problems have been given for practice. At appropriate places, solved numerical problems and exercise numerical problems have also been given to make the subject matter clear. Subject matter of the textbook can be covered in a course of one semester which is about of 4 to 4.5 months duration.

 List of references given at the end of book enlists references which have been used to prepare this basic book on geotechnical earthquake engineering. Although the book is on geotechnical earthquake engineering, the last chapter of book is on earthquake resistant design of buildings, considering its significance in the context of earthquake resistant construction. The ultimate judges of the book will be students, who will use the book to understand the basic concepts of geotechnical earthquake engineering. Suggestions to improve the usefulness of the book will be gratefully received.