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a field guide to technology automotive

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To help me write this book I recruited an automotive brain trust from among my friends. Laine Boekelman gave me a primer on motorcycles.

 What Laine didn’t cover, Willie Sato did. Willie even washed his motorcycle before I arrived so it would look nice in the photographs. Doug Chase, who has his own business of building race cars, answered lots of questions. 

John Blake, a professional mechanic, allowed me into his garage to watch him repair cars and hear his explanations of how various parts work. In a life with no spare time, John gave me some.

 Thank you. Ed Pfeiffer took me on a tour of a bus barn, inside a few buses, and around the trolleys. That was fun. Dan Overgaard with King County Metro Transit provided great information on bus tracking. 

Thanks go to Rich Sidwa who again provided many photographs, as he has for earlier books. We stood outside on a cold and rainy day taking photos. Rich also is quite knowledgeable about cars and was able to steer me straight. Bike escalator photos were provided by Jarle Wanvik. 

He is the creator of the escalator  and we hope he will be successful in getting more cities to adopt them. Russ Noe provided photos of sidecars. The photo of the Amphicar was taken by Ed Price, who is an avid amphibian-car enthusiast. Stan Wolfson of Clancy Systems in Denver provided the photo of the Denver boot. Smokey Combs provided the image of the wheel spinners. Thanks to all.