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applied strength of materials sixth edition

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Applied Strength of Materials, Sixth Edition, provides comprehensive coverage of the important topics in strength of materials with an emphasis on applications, problem solving, and design of structural members, mechanical devices, and systems. 

The book is written for the student in a course called Strength of Materials, Mechanics of Materials, or Solid Mechanics in an engineering technology program at the baccalaureate or associate degree level or in an applied engineering program.

 This book provides good readability for the student, appropriate coverage of the principles of strength of materials for the faculty member teaching the subject, and a problemsolving and design approach that is useful for the practicing designer or engineer.

 Educational programs in the mechanical, civil, construction, architectural, industrial, and manufacturing fields will find the book suitable for an introductory course in strength of materials.

This text emphasizes the applications of the principles of strength of materials to mechanical, manufacturing, structural, and construction problems while providing a firm understanding of those principles. At the same time, the limitations on the use of analysis techniques are emphasized to ensure that they are applied properly. 

Both analysis and design approaches are used in the book. Units are a mixture of SI metric and U.S. Customary units, in keeping with the dual usage evident in U.S. industry and construction. 

Where SI metric units are used, all data for the problem are in appropriate metric units, including the section properties for numerous types and sizes of structural members in the Appendix.

 For metric problems, appendix data now include actual commercially available metric components, with the actual SI designations, and are not just U.S.-based components with the values soft converted.