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carpentry and construction

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C ARPENTRY INVOLVES ALL KINDS OF CHALLENGING jobs; it is an exciting industry. You will have to work with hand tools, power tools, and all types of building materials. You can become very skilled at your job, and you get a chance to be proud of what you do. 

You can stand back and look at the building you just helped to erect and feel great about a job well done. One of the exciting things about being a carpenter is watching a building go up. You actually see it grow from the ground up. Many people work with you to make it possible to complete the structure. 

 Being part of a team can be rewarding, too. This book will help you to do a good job in carpentry, whether you are remodeling an existing building or starting from the ground up. Because it covers all the basic construction techniques, it will aid you in making the right decisions. You may have to do something over and over again to gain skill. 

When you read this book, you might not always get the idea the first time. Go over it again until you understand. Then go out and practice what you just read. In this way, you can see for yourself how the instructions actually work.

 Of course, no one can learn carpentry merely by reading a book. You have to read, reread, and then do. This do part is the most important. You have to take the hammer or saw in hand and actually do the work. There is nothing like good, honest sweat from a hard day’s work. At the end of the day, you can say, “I did that” and be proud that you did

This chapter will help you to build these skills:

 • Select personal protective gear 

• Work safely as a carpenter 

• Measure building materials

 • Lay out building parts 

• Cut building materials

 • Fasten materials

 • Shape and smooth materials

 • Identify basic hand tools

 • Recognize common power tools