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automotive science and mathematics

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One of the main aims of this book is to provide a course of study of science and mathematics that constantly demonstrates the links between these disciplines and the everyday work of technicians in the automotive field. The subject matter has been chosen to provide full cover for the Science and Mathematics of the BTEC and IMI National Certificates and Diplomas and the related Technical Certificates and NVQs up to and including Level 3. The needs of students in the 14 to 19 age group who may be following a scheme of vocational studies have been borne in mind during the writing of the book.

 It is hoped that these students and their teachers will find the links between theory and practice that are demonstrated in the text to be helpful in strengthening students’ desire to continue with their education. 

The topics start at a fairly basic level and the coverage should provide the necessary skill for trainees and students to demonstrate competence in key skills. The coverage of some topics, such as vehicle dynamics and heat engines (thermodynamics), is at the advanced end of National Level 3 and will be found helpful by HNC/HND and Foundation Degree students. Answers are provided to assist those who may be studying privately and a set of solutions is available on the Elsevier website for lecturers, teachers and other training providers..