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car diagnostics step by step

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When a failure occurs on our car, the first step that we expect from our servicer  is  accurate  or  nearly  accurate  diagnosis,  because  misdiagnosis has multiple unwanted consequences. To be able to determine what is not working properly, we have to move in the direction our author went. First we have to learn how the modern car works, and than we will be able to figure  out  how  to  detect  failure. 

 The  diagnosis  is  generally  result  of  experience and a multidisciplinary synthesis of knowledge. Therefore, a new book  of  Mr.  Radovan  Marin  “Car  diagnostics”  connects  his  previous books, “Automobile electronics & 4-stroke engines” and “Automobile technology”. And this time I am pleasantly surprised by the new interesting data and high quality of expression, as well as with a greatnumber of images. With this  book,  author  has  increased  the  value  of  his  previous  books,  which now form a complete trilogy. 

With a risk of repeating myself, I must point out that author has chose the type of presentation which is a happy compromise of a lot of conflicting  requirements  such  as  high  skill,  legibility,  convenience,  didacticism and methodology.

 After these three books, it becomes apparent that Mr. Marin is a person with the rare gift of true professionalism, eager for new knowledge, and more importantly, with the gift of a good writer and a desire to convey his knowledge to a wider population.

 As new technologies are rapidly developing, I am confident that in due time we shall witness new books about our pets on four wheels. I strongly recommend purchasing of the entire trilogy, because that would make every part of it to be worth more than it would have been separately.

After a great acceptance of previous two books "Automobile electronics & 4-stroke engines" and "Automobile technology", automobile technicians showed  further  interest  for  detailed  explanation  of vehicles  diagnostics and usage of diagnostics equipment. With this thirdbook, the theory of automobile mechanics, electrics and electronics on  modern cars is generally covered. 

By mastering content of these three books, technicians will undoubtedly  acquire  basic  knowledge  to  deal  with  most  problems  on automobiles.  Acquired  theoretical  knowledge  accompanied  with  everyday’s practical work, which always brings new experiences, will definitely create a very professional automobile craftsman. Itis quite understandable, that acquired knowledge has to be complemented by following new technologies and modifications of existed. We  should  be  aware  of  the  fact,  that  diagnostics programs  are  sometimes very complex, and have to be considered very seriously.

 If we would go in details explaining all functions of particular programs and problems related to diagnostic trouble codes, a book of several thousands pages has to be written. This book should provide even more than just fundamentals of car diagnostics, but certainly not complete knowledge which is gained by experience and further learning. Therefore, before using a particular diagnostic program, it is recommendable to study all available literature about it. 

With  such  introduction  about  the  principles  of  diagnosing  faults,  and assuming that we have mastered the theory from previous two books, we will surely be able to deal with diagnosed problemsand eliminate them.

 During the writing of these three books, in addition to several decades of experience, all worldwide available literature related to this subject matter was used. Beside the literature composed  by several authors, knowledge and experiences of individual authors are used too.

 As it is evident from the books contents, examples are shown from a  range of programs and  automobile  data.  Just  because  of  so  great  number  of  literature  and programs used in these books, the sources, titles and authors are not mentioned by name.