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Advanced Automotive Fault Diagnosis

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The book has grown! But then it was always going to, because the complexity of automotive systems has grown and the associated diagnostic skills must follow. The main change for this edition is that I have included two completely new chapters. 

The first is all about on-board diagnostics (OBD) and the second covers oscilloscope diagnostics in some detail. Both of these subjects are very relevant to all aspects of the automotive repair trade, light or heavy vehicle. I have tried wherever possible to make the content relevant to all types of vehicle whether used in the UK, USA or anywhere else in the world. After all, most vehicles have an engine that makes the wheels go round – even if the steering wheel changes sides… 

There has been a significant rationalisation of motor vehicle qualifications in the UK since the first edition. The result is that this book has become even more appropriate because of the higher technical content. The order of the material has been changed a bit so that it lines up more with current qualifications.

 For example, engine management and all engine electrics (batteries, etc.) are now part of the Engines chapter. The book is ideal for all MV qualifications, in particular:

   City & Guilds 4101 Technical Certificates and NVQs

 ● IMI Technical Certificates and NVQs

 ● Level 4 diagnostic units 

● BTEC/Edexcel National and Higher National qualifications 

● International MV qualifications such as C&G 3905

 ● ASE certification in the US 

● Supplementary reading for MV degree level course

Of course, you may already be qualified and just need a few pointers! You may also simply want to learn more about how your car works – and how to fix it when it doesn’t! I hope you enjoy this book, but most of all I hope it helps you to become a better diagnostic technician – something you should be very proud to be.