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Designing rainwater harvesting systems integrating Rainwater into Building systems

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T he authors draw from strong backgrounds on the subject. Celeste Allen Novak, AIA, is an architect, writer, and adjunct professor at Lawrence Technological University who specializes in sustainable design. G. Edward Van Giesen, MLA, National Sales Manager at BRAE/WATTS Water Technologies, has extensive experience in the design and imp­ lementation of rainwater systems. 

He has been instrumental in developing new rain­ water codes and standards nationwide. Dr. Kathy DeBusk, PhD, PE, and Assistant Professor of Environmental Science at Long­ wood University in Farmville, Virginia, has just completed a thorough examination of rainwater quality and treatment, providing one of the first published international over­ views of this global resource in communities. 

Contributing authors include Viviane Van Giesen, Graphic Designer, who along with Dr. Jim Novak, PhD, has offered countless hours of editing, design, and support. Fred Smotherman, BLA, has drawn from his per­ spective and knowledge of the construction of rainwater systems to provide information on components and maintenance. 

Many thanks to Cedric, Ian, and Isabella Van Giesen for their patience and hours of work transcribing interviews. Finally, special contributions by Dr. Diana Glawe, PhD, PE, LEED AP, Associate Professor at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, provided the most recent informa­ tion on the use of condensate; and Nicole Holmes, PE, LEED AP, provided an excerpt describing the factors involved in cistern siz­ ing.

 In  addition, a special thanks to research­ ers Azubeke Ononye, a graduate student from Lawrence Technological University, and Jacquie McDermott­Kelty, currently at the University of Michigan. 

Others who were significant in the development of this book include the fol­ lowing: Robert Goo, Office of Water, USEPA, who provided contacts for this book; Dolly Patel and Preeta John, both young architects who provided information and contacts from India.

 To these and to all of the architects and professionals who provided images, interviews, case study data, and constructive criticism, the authors give thanks..