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All you need about Helicoidal Stair

 Download All you need about Helicoidal Stair For Free.


If you are looking for how to implement spiral or circular staircases, how to design them and the most important points that distinguish it and must be taken into account during its design We present to you this zip file that contains

 1- Excel sheet to design a spiral staircase

 2- AutoCAD file for the architectural details of the staircase

 3- A video tutorial of how to design it on the SAP program.

For everyone who wants to help spread science and help others and wants to share its radiance to communicate with us and publish it in his name and link to his page.

We come to the important point, which is to download everything you need about the Helicoidal Stair, which is 16 megabytes, the file on Mediafire, direct and easy download.