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Basics Interior Design 01_ Retail Design

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The aim of this book is to examine the processes and strategies of designing space for retail. Shopping is an activity that is part of our everyday lives. 

Whether we are shopping to feed ourselves, clothe ourselves or simply out of enjoyment, the places we choose to shop say something about our lifestyle, culture and interests. 

We create a relationship with the retail environment we feel comfortable with and reject spaces that do not match our image. The design of shops is an ever-changing cycle, following fashion trends and consumer aspirations.

 Retail spaces are at the forefront of contemporary interior design because they are updated regularly to stay competitive and appealing. Some of the most innovative and interactive interiors can be seen in the retail sector.

Designing retail interiors is complex, beginning with the analysis of a brand and identity. The aim of the designer is to entice, excite and enthral the consumer by creating an experience to which they can relate.

This book thoroughly guides you through each step of the retail design process, providing strategies that can produce a successful retail space and a design that is appropriate for the brand, product, consumer and retailer. This will be seen through images and drawings from practice, as well as student project work.

This book introduces different aspects of retail design, via dedicated chapters for each topic. Using a variety of examples from both students and professionals, the processes and strategies involved in designing space for retail are examined, analysed and debated.