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Canadian Handbook of Practice for Architects

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The practice of architecture requires a wide range of professional skills. These include: the knowledge and skill to design buildings; a thorough understanding of sound and economical construction; proficiency in the application of business and legal principles; and the ability to motivate, coordinate, and manage a complex group of participants. 

The architect must be designer, construction expert, and manager. It is hoped that this new edition of the Canadian Handbook of Practice for Architectswill contribute to improving the practice of architecture and, consequently, help to improve the built environment and architecture in Canada.

The Canadian Handbook of Practice for Architectsis the result of a great collaborative effort by the architectural profession from every region of the country. This edition has been developed and published in both official languages.

The Handbook is for practising architects and those who plan on becoming architects. With these users in mind, the Handbook’s objectives are to:

 • provide an instructional resource book for architectural students and intern architects;

 • establish a reference document to assist architects in Canada by providing concise and current information.

The Handbook includes information and advice, in the form of summaries, lists, checklists, charts, and sample documents, as well as sources of additional reference material.

Volume 1 is an overview of the architectural profession and architectural practice.

The 11 chapters in this section provide theory and background information to the architectural profession and an introduction to the business and professional environment in which an architect works. 

Volume 2 is divided into two sections: Management of the Practice andManagement of the Project. Each of the 22 chapters contains instructional and descriptive information as well as checklists and some sample forms for the practitioner to use and modify. 

The forms are also provided in electronic format on a 3-1/2 inch computer disk. Additional forms are provided in CCDC 24: A Guide to Model Forms and Support Documents contained in Volume 3.

Volume 3 contains standard documents used by the profession and the construction industry in Canada. For reference purposes, the user should obtain and insert all relevant documents which are not provided. 

In addition, tabs have been provided to permit users to insert information supplied by the provincial associations of architects and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, as well as other relevant reference material. Order forms for other resource material have been included.