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The Architecture Reference & Specification Book

 Download The Architecture Reference & Specification Book   Easily In PDF Format For Free.


The Architecture Reference + Speciication Book is a unique compilation of essential information for architects, students of architecture, and anyone contemplating an architectural project. Included here are the tables, charts, diagrams, dimensions, standards, codes, and general data that many architects need on a daily basis. 

This book is not a replacement for other sources that architects might consult regularly, but rather a handy “irst-stop” reference that is always at the ready, on a desk or in a bag.

Part 1, “Materials,” provides a detailed catalog of the most common building materials—wood, masonry, concrete, metals—as well as various interior inishes.

 Parts 2 and 3, “Structures and Systems,” and “Standards,” address the major aspects of undertaking an architectural project. 

Topics include basic measurements and geometry, architectural drawing types and conventions, architectural elements, the human scale, parking, building codes, accessibility, structural and mechanical systems, and building components.

 Part 4, “Compendium,” brings together a glossary and a timeline of key moments in the history of architecture.

 Finally, because such a compact book cannot possibly contain everything, a directory of resources offers an extensive guide to the most helpful publications, organizations, and websites.

For every project, architects must take into account an endless number of external forces, not least of which are the codes and standards of design and construction.

 But these codes and standards should certainly not be viewed as limiting: Knowledge of them and their creative use can, in fact, liberate and empower.