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Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems

 Download Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems Easily In PDF Format For Free.


Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systemsis part of the Chek-Chart Series in Automotive Technology, which also includes:

 • Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles

 • Automotive Brake Systems 

• Automotive Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning 

• Automotive Manual Drive Train and Rear Axle

 • Automotive Steering, Suspension, and Wheel Alignment 

• Automotive Engine Repair and Rebuilding 

• Engine Performance, Diagnosis, and Tune-Up 

• Fuel Systems and Emission Controls.

 Since 1929, the Chek-Chart Series in Automotive Technology has provided vehicle specification, training, and repair information to the professional automotive service field.

 Each book in the Chek-Chart series aims to help instructors teach students to become competent and knowledgeable professional automotive technicians.

 The texts are the core of a learning system that leads a student from basic theories to actual hands-on experience. The entire series is job-oriented, designed for students who intend to work in the automotive service profession.

 Knowledge gained from these books and the instructors enables students to get and keep jobs in the automotive repair industry. Learning the material and techniques in these volumes is a giant leap toward a satisfying, rewarding career.

The fifth edition of Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systemshas been updated to include new coverage of ignition systems. 

Ignition coverage had been a standard feature of the text through the fourth edition, but was removed from the fifth edition. 

Based on feedback from numerous users who wanted the ignition material back in the book, this updated fifth edition was produced. It includes new ignition chapters in both the Classroomand Shop Manuals.