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Automotive Electricity and Electronics

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The overall vehicle service involves three major components. Those pieces are gathering information from the customer, the strategy-based diagnostic process, and documenting the repair. The flow of the overall service can be seen below

1-  Initial information gathering is often completed by a service advisor (consultant) and should contain details about the customer concern and pertinent history. 

2-  Verifying the customer concern begins the strategy-based diagnostic process. Technicians will complete this step to ensure that a problem exists and that their repair eliminated it. 

3-  Researching the possible cause will provide a list of possible faults. The technician will expand this list as testing continues.

 4-  Testing will focus on the list of possibilities. Technicians will start with broad, simple tests that look at an entire system or group of components. Testing will progressively become more narrowly focused as it pinpoints an exact cause.

 5-  Repairs will be made using suggested tools and recommended procedures. This is done to ensure a reliable repair and that manufacturer requirements are met. 

6-  Repairs must always be verified. This confirms that the technician has completed the diagnosis accurately and completely. The repair must be documented. The technician has been doing this all along. When the customer concern is recorded, the tests are recorded, and the final repair procedure recorded, the repair has been documented.