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A Textbook of Automobile Engineering

 Download A Textbook of Automobile Engineering  Easily In PDF Format For Free.


The number of textbooks available on ‘Automobile Engineering’ is not very large. The field and scope of automobile engineering is enormous. Every manufacturer of automobile has his own resources and is trying to improve the product in his own manner. Number of automobile manufacturers being very large, the development in this field is very quick. The present book attempts to explain different aspects of automobile engineering in a simple way. 

The diagrams that have been included in the text are simple and can be followed easily. Every attempt has been made to include the latest development in this field. It is hoped that the book would prove useful to the undergraduate/post graduate engineering students particularly those studying mechanical engineering. 

It is very much possible that some mistakes have been left in the text of the book though every effort has been made to remove them. Author would feel oblige if the mistakes are brought to notice. Author would also welcome the comments and suggestions by experts in this field, particularly those in the industrial organizations, to improve the book in forthcoming editions.

The history of development of automobiles is not very old. The first self-propelled vehicle was built in France in 1769. In those times, steam engines were used as source of power to move the vehicles. In 1895, Stanleybuilt a steam car ‘Stanley Steamer’ which could gain a considerable speed. Prior to this vehicles used to move at a slow speed. In France, Lenoir drove the first automobile with gas engine.

In those days, means of communication were not fast and there were not many interactions among the engineers and scientists. The development took place simultaneously in different parts of the world. In Germany, in the year 1885, two engineers built gasoline powered automobiles. 

These engineers were Daimler and Benz,very big names in automobiles even today. They used engine based on 4-strokes developed by Otto. Louis Renault worked in France to develop the automobiles, and some have opinion that he was the first to drive an automobile. Whatever the truth may be but the last decade of nineteenth century witnessed the development in the field of automobiles, which formed the basis of what we see today.