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Handbook of Mechanical Engineering

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Since 1914 the Dubbel Handbook of Mechanical Engineering has been the standard reference text used by generations of students and practising engineers in the German-speaking countries. 

The book covers all fundamental Mechanical Engineering subjects. Contributions are written by leading experts in their fields. This handbook is not primarily intended for specialists in particular areas, but for students and practitioners, who, within the framework of their responsibilities, also need to know about the basics outside their own special area. The handbook deliberately focuses on fundamentals and on the solutions of problems, but it also covers a wide range of applications. Charts and tables with general material values and specific parameters are included. 

As a German handbook, it relies more on the German Industrial Standards (DIN) and focuses on the components of German manufacturers. This should not be a problem in this English-international edition owing to the exemplary character of these applications and examples; and with the increasing referencing of EN-and ISO/IECstandards, the national DIN standard becomes less significant.

 In parallel with the complete German edition, the selected subjects in this edition combine the fundamentals of theoretical sciences, materials and engineering design with important mechanical engineering applications.

 I would like to thank all those involved in the production of this handbook for their enthusiastic co-operation, since this has made an important standard mechanical engineering text available to an international readership.

Statics is the study of the equilibrium of solid bodies or of systems of solid bodies. Equilibrium prevails if a body is at rest or is in uniform motion in a straight line. Rigid bodies as understood in statics are bodies of which the deformations are so small that the points at which f()rce is applied undergo negligible displacement.